Citat: One Tree Hill 8x12



                                     Några citiat jag gilllade från det senaste avsnittet av One Tree Hill:

Haley: Oh my god what the hell were you doing with Dave Navarro?!
Sylvia: What the hell am I wearing?!
Brooke: What the hell did we do last night?!

I can't believe we stole a dog.
Alex: We don't know that!
Quinn: He skateboards! Guys we are in possession of a stolen skateboarding dog!

Quinn: I found it!
Brooke: My ring?!
Quinn: Millie's hoe tag.
Alex: Hoe tag? It's called a tramp stamp.
Quinn: Then where's yours?
Haley: I have one!

Millie: Why would I get boots?
Haley: Because that tattoo kicks ass!

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